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Skull Tattoo, skull tattoo Art Motives, design and Ideas - Human Skull is one of popular subjects in tattoos as well as paintings and optical illusions. You may wonder why people get skull tattoos. Skull has long been considered as the vessel of the soul, or wisdom of ancestors. Skulls cannot be taken as a mere symbol of death, but as a symbol of rebirth, symbolizing eternal life which can only be achievable through spiritual death and rebirth. Skull tattoos can helps your thought to come alive and your fearless attitude. Skull tattoos can be more creative with other designs and symbols . You can make an experiments with colors to make your design different. There are lot of such combinations which can spark your skull tattoo. today, skull tattoos are so popular that people may love to have skull tattoos just for its cool looks. Traditionally skull tattoos symbolize death – but not in a grim or negative way. No one can escape death. It is an inevitable aspect of life that everyone must face down the road. A skull tattoo represents acceptance of this fact. Someone with a skull tattoo means that he has accepted his own mortality and temporary status in this world. Skull tattoos can also represent duality. But they must be partnered with another design that represents life such as angel wings and flowers. In terms of innovation, they are beyond creative ad should give you plenty of ideas and designs. | Animal and Human Skull tattoo motive and ideas.

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